Hello World 2.0 !

Heyyy, it has been a while everyone. =) It’s me, Michael. I used to blog here, remember? What have you all been up to?

So what happened to me? Well, these past few years went by so fast… I actually did some real work offline. Got me real busy. Learned a couple of things. Fell in love. Got married. Travelled a bit. Get older. – Did you do any of these?

When I thought things were going well, earning passive income online… one sunny day, Google slapped all of my sites, so I closed everything for good. How many of you were slapped by Google? I evolved and I continued to work on stuff that matters as I watched how the Internet and technology evolved. I can say 2013 and 2014 was my best years – I did some work online helping others. Made 6 figures in revenue. Got paid well. Invested some money like all over the place. I can show you how and where later if you enjoy investing. I never believed in keeping the money safe in the bank.

Most of the time, I did the 9-5 work because some friend still needed help. And then more work came. Well, the 9-5 work takes away a lot of my time yet I still was committed to help my friend. Over the years of working so hard for others and myself, I have come to realise that time is so much more valuable to me than money. I needed time more than anything else so I could help more people get what they want while I can still enjoy life the way I want. I don’t know about you, but having more time is the only win-win situation for me.

And the truth is I still get excited about this huge marketplace… I so miss writing and sharing. And I am always wanting to help others achieve more in their lives, so that’s why I’m blogging again!

So now I’m back. Yeah. So watch this space out!